Help Bring Skeeter Home to Meg!

Bring Home Skeeter - $3500 RewardIt’s really tough when you loose your best friend, but when your best friend is abducted along with your car in a carjacking, it’s even more traumatic!

Last week during an Uptown carjacking, Meg lost her dog Skeeter, an 11 year old Jack Russell & Chihuahua mix, when the theives who drove off with her SUV, drove off with Skeeter inside.  The car was later recovered in Jefferson Parish but Skeeter was no where to be found.  There is some hope though, they found a different leash in the car than what was on Skeeter, so Meg’s hopes of finding her best friend are lifted.

The Louisiana Human society recently increased the reward leading to Skeeter’s return to $1,000.  Pam Fortner & Earl Bernhardt, co-owners of Tropical Isle have also joined in the effort to see that Skeeter is returned safely by contributing an additional $2500 to the reward.

If you’ve seen Skeeter and would like to help him get back home to Meg, please contact the Louisiana Humane Society at 1-888-6-HUMANE or go to

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