The History of Tropical Isle & The Hand Grenade Drink

Tropical Isle Original at 600 Bourbon Street Home of the Hand Grenade Drink

Tropical Isle Original Home of the Hand Grenade Drink®

Following Tropical Isle’s® Hand Grenade Drink success at the New Orleans Worlds Fair in 1984, we sought to bring this new and exciting drink to the French Quarter.  Our hands on personal approach to the nightclub experience is a concept by which this business has thrived. We have allowed Tropical Isle® to grow at its own pace, sometimes slowly, sometimes with leaps and bounds, which exceeded our dreams.

Probably the greatest leap came when we introduced our magical, melon flavored blend of liqueurs and secret ingredients, the Hand Grenade® Drink, which we believed could compete valiantly with the Hurricane, New Orleans’ signature alcoholic offering at that time. The Hand Grenade® has become the hands down favorite of over hundreds of thousands of people the entire world over.

Tropical Isle® Nor The Hand Grenade® Drink Wouldn’t Be Great Without Our Employees

No telling of our history would be complete without mentioning our employee-management philosophy.  We have paid the closest attention to the personality and ability of each and every person we have chosen to work with us. Many have been a part of this association from its beginning. We have tried to balance an extremely demanding standard with a real family-like attitude of appreciation and that has served us well.

From its inception, at our Tropical Isles® and our other establishments, we have tried to bring a combination of service that is second to none, the most enjoyable entertainment, and the quality and a special kind of fun with the Hand Grenade Drink®and our other signature drinks.So, this is the Hand Grenade® Story – an idea, a plan, and a determination. We look back with awe, pride and fond memories. We look forward with great expectation and anticipation, ready for the challenges and secure in the knowledge that we are doing our best for the French Quarter we all love so dearly.

Little Tropical Isle at 435 Bourbon Street

Little Tropical Isle



THE HAND GRENADE® IS NOT FOR RESALE– No business or individual other than those owned by Tropical Isle®, Inc. may sell this drink or use the name. Our product is for personal use only. Our mix is a Federally Trademarked product and is a violation of Federal Law to resell any product purchased from Tropical Isle®

Mix is intended for PRIVATE HOME USE only. No Conventions or parties where Admission is charged – No location holding a Liquor License ETC.  We do not ship individual Cups, Toy Grenades etc.- only enough for amount of mix sold. Anyone using the mix for resale is violating Federal Trademark laws and is subject to Penalties.

A $250 cash reward is offered to anyone furnishing information that leads to the identification and termination of the illegal use of our federally registered trademark the Hand Grenade® or Grenade™.