Tropical Isle’s Other Famous Bourbon Street Drinks

Not only is Tropical Isle home to New Orleans Most Powerful Drink®, we’re home to other famous Bourbon Street drinks too!  If the Hand Grenade® isn’t for you, you can try one of our many other crowd pleasing cocktails.

Some of our Tropical Isle drinks can be ordered online in our store.  You can purchase Horny Gator & Tropical Itch mixes along with specialty cups in your choice of a drink mix pack or a fun party pack that includes added extras like beads and toys.

Tropical Isle Drinks: Horny Gator Specialty CupHorny Gator®

The Horny Gator® is not any ordinary drink on Bourbon Street!  With a carefully blended mix of rich pomegranate and spicy green tea with Tropical Isle® vodka, it’s still guaranteed to make you a better lover.  The Horny Gator® comes in a cute green shaped alligator souvenir cup and adorned with tiny alligator toys, which makes this one of fun of all our Tropical Isle drinks.

Tropical Itch Specialty CupTropical Itch®

Our Tropical Itch® drink is a unique, deliciously fruity drink that comes in a specially designed red souvenir cup.  The unique blend of fruits juices make a tasty punch that is combined with a blend of three rums.


Shark Attack

Look out there’s sharks on Bourbon Street!  Our Shark Attack drink has been voted one of the top drinks in New Orleans and is just one of the fun drinks our bartenders like to serve.  Every Shark Attack drink comes with a toy shark that spills a little “blood” in the water as the bartenders sound the bells and blow their whistles as its being served.  Having a Shark Attack at Tropical Isle is definitely an experience not to be missed!

Grenade Energy DrinkGrenade® Energy Drink

Our Grenade® Energy Drink is a “No Bull” drink that is exclusive to our Tropical Isle and Funky Pirate locations and will boost your energy to last throughout a fun night in the French Quarter.  Infused with a refreshing variety of herbs and energy boosting additives, the Grenade® Energy Drink Mixes well with vodka.

Cable Guy Bloody Mary

A nice spicy take on an old favorite!  Tropical Isle® spices up the normal, everyday bloody mary with a unique blend of cajun spices, splash of ketchup & a beef jerky stick.  It’s a great cure for those weekend hangovers!